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The Full Story


Established in 2021 after a night of Mario Party. We started this with the intention to bring more fun to our community. We worked in and around the Lehigh Valley bringing board games for all to enjoy. While doing that, we worked closely with a mentor to help us open Easton's FIRST board game cafe. We're so happy to have been able to build a perfect space for all to enjoy.


The Players

We're Mik and Babs! We are two best friends that bonded over cult horror films, board games, and seltzer. We love playing board games with our friends so we decided to play with a community bringing Easton something fun to look forward to.


The Games

We have a library of games from cooperative to competitive. Our collection has something for everyone including new gamers. We also welcome YOUR games. Bring them to our event and show us what you are playing.


Check out our list here

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