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Mystery Box Games Board Game Cafe


Who Are We

Who We Are

We are Mik and Babs! We are PUNCH OUT GAMES. No, we are not. We are actually MYSTERY BOX GAMES! We are so excited to have secured our location for Easton's prime board game hotspot. Ready to learn how our board game cafe will operate? Cool. US TOO! 

OK, you probably already read this. But, I also play the same game TWICE until I have defeated the King of Board Games, Mik! 


Like teaching board games we want to be able to explain the game or cafe. What our objective is and what goals we need to hit. So, let's go on this journey together.  

We will be located at 1458 Northampton Street in Easton, PA. 

How does it work?

Punch Out Games is Easton’s board game cafe hotspot. We are a minimal service restaurant with over 200 games in our game library. Our collection varies from classic to new releases. If you are interested in our board game library, there is a $5 charge per person for two hours of access. Our Punch Out Games team can get you right into playing! Want to play a longer game? Let us know! We have lengthy games that will sure make your heart warm.


What games do you have?

Our collection consists of over 200 games! Looking for something specific or not sure where to start? Ask our certified gametenders! We LOVE showing folks our favorite games. So, want to look at our collection? See it here.

Is it family friendly?

We absolutely welcome families! We do ask though that guests 12 and under are accompanied by adults.

Will I be able to book a party or large reservation?

Yes, we will be offering packages for larger reservations. Book your next event at Punch Out Games. Email

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